Comparing Bitcoin Trading and Investment Strategies With Back-testing

Summary: Back-testing reveals Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) buy-and-hold bitcoin investing yields lowest return of the four strategies we tested. Mayer Multiple and moving average crossover strategies performed better than Dollar Cost Averaging. The Upside Signal Rationality Index strategy significantly outperformed all other strategies tested. The very simplest way to invest in Bitcoin is to buy and hold, and that works. Even buying at the market tops, historically, can deliver a good return, in three to five years. And...

Bitcoin – the Most Profitable Asset in History?

Before you look at the extraordinary chart below, ask yourself - if you could go back to any point in history and buy any one thing, what would you choose? One good option would be a famous relic. Find the Buddha, Mohammed, Cleopatra or Shakespeare, and swipe something from their house or cut off a lock of hair. That kind of thing will always be highly prized. It’s difficult to prove the authenticity of such...